Home Visits


Which services are included in Home visits

You can book services like: physiotherapy session, OT session, massage or consultation with psychologist 

How can I arrange home visit ?

There are a few options to arrange your appointment like: WhatsApp message or direct message via website, but we highly recommend to give us a call. Our customer service officer is more than happy to answer all your questions and help you with arrangements.

What/how should I prepare for the first home visit ?

There a few steps to take before your fist home visit. Based on service that you will receive you may need to collect all your previous medical examination or at least the most current one. You may also prepare a list of intake medications with dosage and timings. If there are any machines/ equipment or any supporting device that you are currently using please have it nearby, so therapist will be able to have a look at it/ help you with adjustments.

How long does it take ?

An average session takes 50 to 60 minutes.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please check our cancelation policy. In case of emergency or unexpected situation please give us a call.

Do I need any massage bed/ equipment at home and what should I wear?

It is in our best interest to provide all necessary equipment. If you already have your on massage bed or piece of equipment and you prefer to use it instead, please let our therapist know about it during your first appointment. We recommend to wear comfortable clothing and footwear according to booked service, i.e. in case of physiotherapy session it should be sports clothing.

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